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Mental strength is equally important as our physical strength. Mental strength is not an inbuilt quality bestowed upon a few favorites of Almighty. It can be achieved by everyone who has the will.

We cannot deny the importance of being mentally strong. It is quite surprising that despite knowing the importance of mental health in our life, we do not pay much heed to this.

Mentally strong people are not from the other planet, nor do they possess some supernatural power, they are common people just like us. But it's not their physical appearance, in fact, what makes them shine differently is their healthy state of mind.

It’s fascinating how mentally tough people set themselves apart from the crowd. Where others see impenetrable barriers, they see challenges to overcome. They practice healthy routine and are emotionally intelligent

Sharing some characteristics which mentally strong people have:

1: Don't feel sorry for what can't be controlled

They do not cry or feel sorry for what they can't control. They know that life is not always the bed of roses, it has both ups and downs. They don't blame the circumstances and take their own responsibility.

2: Never compare

They never compare their lives with others. They know very well that everybody has their own set of struggles and journeys. Comparing and feeling sad for no reason is just a waste of time. They don't resent other's success. They appreciate and celebrate the success of other people.

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